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We all would like to enhance the quality of life, thrive in work, school, and relationships, increase the likelihood of making healthy life choices and be relieved from stress, depression, emotional pain, and symptoms. Psychotherapy is a practice designed for you to collaborate with a trained professional to try and address these topics or issues. (American Psychological Association)

Psychotherapy treatment is a journey of reconnecting with your inner self. It is a chance to rebuild your strengths, and an opportunity to gain insights and learn new skills. The goal of therapy is to better understand your life and reach your original wholeness. As a result, you can face life challenges with more confidence and greater self- awareness.

It takes courage to truly embrace your life and make changes, therefore seeking psychotherapy is not a sign of weakness. Actually, seeing a counselor regularly is considered healthy and positive. The philosophy is that changing is worth the risk and effort. As a therapist, I'd like to see my clients can become their own person, and like the person they are becoming.

Who can benefit from psychotherapy?

The answer is “everyone”. You do not need to have a dramatic life event, childhood trauma, or severe mental illness to have counseling sessions. Anyone who wants to have a better self-understanding, which leads to a better relationship with themselves and the world, can benefit from seeing a therapist. There is nothing wrong to want to become a better person.

Change takes time, efforts, and practice, therefore it is not easy.  Your life problems will not go right away magically in the first couple of sessions. Psychotherapy requires a certain amount of time for the mind and body to explore and to process in order to change your thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and behaviors. The length of your treatment and the timing of your termination depends on the specifics of your treatment plan and the progress you make.

Finally, in our life change occurs when one becomes what he or she is, not one tries to become what one is not. (Perl, Gestalt Therapy). Contact me toady for a free phone confidential consultation.


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