bad-tempered caucasian business executive yelling at two asian subordinates in office.

Anger Management Class:

I provide 12-week anger management class for clients who want to know the triggers of their anger, what is aggression cycle, and how they can manage their anger more effectively and further develop self-control over their thoughts and actions.

Domestic Violence Class:

I also offer domestic violence class to either the inflictor or the victims in an abusive relationship. Domestic violence is not only happening in certain genders or among certain cultures, but across all races, cultures, ages and socio-economic status. Various forms of domestic violence can appear in an abusive relationship, including physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse.

Domestic violence - Abuse

In our confidential and safe environment, clients can talk about their experiences, and learn all forms of abuses and be aware of the long-term effects of them. The goals of the class are to identify the repetitive abusive cycle and break it, learn to recognize warning signs of abuse, create a safety plan, and learn how to cultivate and maintain a healthy relationship.

The duration of the classes will vary (16 hrs, 32 hrs, or 52 hrs) and be tailored and designed for each client’s situation and needs. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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