Fun and Enjoyment 乐趣

Fun and Enjoyment 乐趣

Choice Theory is based on the principle that human motivation is a ” here and now” phenomenon.

One of the motivators that drive the behavior of all human beings is Fun, Enjoyment.

Choice theory embraces the principle that  people have an innate need or motivation that directs but does not compel their behavior toward fun or at least enjoyment.

From the cradle to the grave, human beings find ways to be comfortable and to enjoy their surroundings.

Choice theory 创始人, William Glasser (1998) 强调学习过程中乐趣的重要性:

We are the only land-based creatures who play all our lives and because we learn all our lives , the day we stop playing is the day we stop learning.

People who fall in love are learning a lot about each other and they find themselves laughing almost continually.

One of the first times infants laugh is when someone plays peek-a-boo with them.

I believe they laugh because that game teaches them something very useful.

They learn, I am I and you are you .( p. 41).

青少年或是成人 , 不管老少,  在做自我从新调整过程的时候,  最重要的是重新定义或改变他们对生活上遇到问题的思想与行为,进而转换为以乐趣为主导的思维模式.

对咨商师而言,  在执行 Choice Theory ( 选择主义)的principle 过程中, 最主要的工作是帮助个案做出正面和令人愉快的选择, 此方向可以引领到内在喜乐的感觉